The focus of my work is the involvement of photographic production materials, mostly wastes, sourced from non-artistic environments related to photography. Although the anthropological and economical aspects of photography are an underlying theme present in my production, the focal point is the technology supporting it. Handling the processes of constructing a high quality result from bad quality source images is my ambition. That is why, I want to work with a newest technology and conduct technical research whenever possible.

When approaching a project, I incorporate the observer's sense of perception, so that as they progress with regards to the piece, they will notice different states of it, depending on changing light conditions. I want my work to look "unstable". I try to use unorthodox materials, creating a deep structure with a complex lustrous surface. Light and its relation to objects are crucial. The fragility, color depth and volatility are the pillars of my work. These are some of the aspects of my work I aim to explore further.

As I was selected for the Residency Unlimited residency, I am looking for a sponsor, which could help me to cover cost of my 3 months stay in New York in 2018.